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The Mallard Release System involves an exciting new concept in waterfowling.  It is that you can create a waterfowl hunting area, complete with ducks, that can provide a quality hunting experience that approaches wild duck hunting.  You can have this on any property, anywhere there is a water source and plantable habitat that can be flooded.

Frost staff will provide consultation for Mallard Release Programs on your privately managed habitat.  The long term goal of the program is to restore quality duck hunting and provide quality service.  This Program has grown exponentially in the southeast with the greatest concentration of projects currently being in SC, MD, VA, and NC, with rapid expansion occurring in other southeastern states.  This program is designed to let you experience duck hunting on your property that approaches wild duck hunting.  If the release plan is properly executed you will experience just that, excellent duck hunting.  The Frost Release System is a detailed step by step plan that also includes unlimited telephone support from our biologist for a period of one year.  Frost is also available for on site consultation and can help with habitat design and implementation.

The success of the program is dependent on several factors:

  1. Using Mallards of high genetic quality
  2. Proper care and conditioning of released birds.
  3. Excellent year-round habitat management.

Creating the habitat

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