Banana Water Lily (Nymphaea mexicana) is a favored food of canvasbacks, ringnecks, and redheads.  All of the puddle ducks love its tasty tubers and seeds. You can establish this excellent waterfowl food in fresh and brackish water ponds, slow-moving channels, lakes and reservoirs. It can be easily established on your property and will soon be attracting waterfowl to your property.  The fruit, which contains from 4 to 60 seeds the size of a grain of Milo, are produced in addition to the starchy, banana-like tubers that the ducks love.  You will also have a trove of invertebrates that will only add to the waterfowl food supply. Banana Water Lily is most easily established in the winter and early spring when the plants are dormant. We are taking orders now for the 2010 shipments. We will send you detailed planting instructions with your order.

Please call for quotes on plants or let us plant for you.

Shows the pond bottom before flooding and planting

The actual planting process in March

The end of the growing season after planting the banana water lily




Molly's Pond Duck Hunt Levy,  South Carolina
We planted Banana Water Lily in Molly's Pond in the spring of 2011. This video was shot in the late fall of 2011. Molly's Pond had existing waterfowl food that we are managing in concert with the Banana Water Lily to enhance food production.


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