Our story begins in 1949 with a dedicated waterfowl hunter and state of Wisconsin wildlife officer named Jack Frost.  Even in those early years, Jack could see that population growth and land use practices would gradually impact wild fowl populations throughout both breeding grounds and wintering areas.  Jack had relished duck hunting and its traditions during his

formative years, but now he sensed that perhaps he could be proactive and develop a mallard breeding flock "which could produce offspring" suitable for mass restocking.

Over the years Jack's mallard rearing operation was captioned as "Captive Production of Migratory Waterfowl."  Under the banner of The Frost Waterfowl Trust, Jack developed a mallard that no one except mother nature has matched.


Jack Frost, holding a ring neck drake at Curtis Lake, near Coloma, Wisconsin 
(November 1988)

In December of 1996, Jack Frost, founder of Frost Waterfowl Trust passed away.  Jack was a friend to all of us who enjoy waterfowl.  He worked tirelessly to produce the best in his field.  Many of his peers agree he succeeded.

A group of his longtime customers and his family have partnered to produce "Frost Birds" as they are known by many.  Jack's commitment to excellence and the principles he believed in will be continued.  You have our promise on that!


Mrs. Frost better known as "Gramma Duck" still upholding the frost tradition.